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Garlic Bread Pizza

These garlic bread pizzas are easy customizable and incredible delicious! Roasted garlic butter toasted on french bread and piled high with all of your favorite toppings. Doesn’t get much better than this!!

Pizza friday!

These garlic bread pizzas are made with roasted garlic butter, toasty french bread and whatever toppings your little heart so desires.

Easy, cheesy and huge crowd pleasers. Especially for kids.

This is one of our favorite fun meals to make at home.

I know, I know. French bread pizza is nothing new. In fact, I shared my first one here on the blog almost 14 years ago.

But making roasted garlic butter and garlic bread, and THEN throwing on some pizza toppings?

Sign me up.

If you’re looking for a delish meal to make at home on a busy weeknight – or even on a Friday night after an exhausting week, or for a house full of kids and their friends, this is it!

Totally it.

The garlic bread gives the pizza a huge flavor pop and makes it taste extra special. So much better than what you get in the frozen foods aisle.

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