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No-Boil Slow Cooker Lasagna

I love lasagna but I sure don’t love boiling lasagna noodles. It’s tedious, they always stick together, and honestly, I just like to avoid extra steps when I can. So while I generally bake my lasagna in the oven (as one does), it’s usually a no-boil recipe. Even so, lasagna is still more of a weekend project — it takes enough time that I don’t turn to it on weeknights when my free time is pretty scarce. But it turns out you can make lasagna in your slow cooker, and no, there’s no boiling of noodles. It’s a layer things up, close the lid, press a button and walk away kind of a lasagna situation which means that your slow cooker can handle the work while you take your kids to soccer practice.

For starters, you’ll need two jars of marinara sauce. While you could certainly add some meat to this, we’re keeping things fast and easy, so jarred sauce is the way to go. Layer a bit in the bottom of your slow cooker just like you would if you were making this in a baking pan.

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