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It Only Takes One Ingredient to Save and Regrow your Hair

Castor oil is your biggest ally when it comes to your hair and its improvement, due to its numerous beneficial properties. It is a rich source of vitamin E, minerals and proteins and has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Moreover, it is loaded with omega 9 fatty acids, which are essential for proper hair and follicle nourishment and can stimulate hair growth and re-growth.


Almost 90% of castor oil is made up of ricinoleic acid, an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid.  Castor oil also has the ability to thicken your eyelashes and eyebrows. It can penetrate deeply in the pores and follicles, allowing stimulation of hair growth and re-growth.

This miraculous oil offers many health benefits, including:

Hair and Dandruff

Castor oil has fungicidal, insecticidal and germicidal properties which can protect the scalp from microbial and fungal infections, and can help treat dandruff.


This oil contains ricinoleic acid which is extremely powerful in treating a number of skin conditions.

Yeast Infections

This ricinoleic acid has the ability to inhibit bacterial and yeast growth and prevent viral infections.

Relieves constipation

It promotes regular bowel movements and prevents inflammation.

Boosts the lymphatic system

According to Dr David Williams, “No drug exists that has the ability to improve lymphatic flow; however, the job can easily be handled through the relevant application of Castor oil.” 

Menstrual disorders

Castor oil can help in case of menstrual cramps, since it can act as a cramp-relieving agent.



Prevents inflammatory bowel syndrome and dysentery

Due to the powerful anti-inflammatory properties and the ricinoleic acid it contains, castor oil can prevent inflammation and helps in the treatment of inflammatory bowel syndrome and dysentery.


Athlete`s Foot

Castor oil Treatments

In order to treat a number of health conditions, including kidney stones, digestive problems, swollen joints, irritable bowel syndrome and menstrual cramps,  fibroids, you should do the following procedure:

  • Put castor oil on a piece of cloth and apply it on the skin. Let it act for 60 minutes. Repeat the procedure at least 3 times a week.
  • For better results, place a container with hot water on the castor pack.

Source: www.healthyfoodteam.com