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Easy Loaded Baked Potato Soup

This easy loaded baked potato soup recipe is simple to make, thick, creamy, and hearty. All your favorite baked potato flavors are packed into this comforting and warming meal!

While this baked potato soup is creamy, it doesn’t actually contain any heavy cream. I used whole (3%) milk, some flour to thicken it, and then a bit of sour cream at the end for taste. I also opted against actually baking the potatoes for this recipe. Techniques for making this popular recipe vary, but I find it easier to just get on with the soup and cook it all in one pot in one go. I always go with the simpler option if the taste is there!

I’m a big fan of using bacon to enhance the flavor in dishes. Instead of using butter or oil in this recipe, I use the leftover bacon grease after crisping up the bacon.

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