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Greek Yogurt Lemon Zucchini Bread

Zucchini bread is awesome, there’s no denying that…but lemon zucchini bread?? It’s unbelievably good and if the lemon version were even in the same category as the more traditional version, it would blow it out of the water. Thankfully, there’s no replacing a classic, so there’s no real competition here, but this fruitier, sweeter, denser loaf makes a pretty perfect addition to any brunch or dessert buffet – or really any occasion at all, let’s be real.
One of the great things about zucchini is that it goes well with just about any other flavor/ingredient you pair it with; since it’s got its own subtle flavor, you get a combo that isn’t overwhelming, but is nicely balanced out and wholly delicious. Here, you’ve got a dense, moist crumb cake that’s lightened up by the zucchini, bright and citrusy with the fresh lemon juice, and with a little tang from some lemon Greek yogurt. There’s nothing overly sweet or cloying about this, it’s just tasty and refreshing, plain and simple.
Once you’ve got your bread out of the oven and it’s cooling off – you want it to be fully cooled before you glaze it, so you get the bright white, hardened glaze – then you’ll mix up your glaze, which is simply powdered sugar and lemon juice. It might seem like too much powdered sugar for the amount of lemon juice, but just keep mixing! It always smoothes out in the end. Glaze your bread, top it off with some fresh lemon zest if you like and let it set…if you can wait that long! (If not, we understand!)

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