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Creamed Spinach Pasta

Creamed Spinach Pasta brings this classic steakhouse side home in the form of an approachable weeknight dinner. The sauce’s flavor builds up all in one pot, creating amazing depth with little mess. Simple touches of spices and aromatics heighten the creamed spinach sauce to new levels. Pasta just met its new best friend.

Dimly lit lights against wood-covered walls, thick fabric draping over the tables, and heavy-weighted silverware cool to the touch are some of the elements that simmer to your consciousness when you think of a steakhouse. While many dream of a steakhouse’s temperature-controlled, salt-aged steaks, the sides are what do it for me. Rich, like-there’s-no-tomorrow amounts of butter and cream turn the simple into something simply spectacular. Creamed spinach may slump, wilted onto your plate, or compressed into a gratin dish, but either way, it’s an indulgent way to get your daily greens.

This Creamed Spinach Pasta is a weeknight workhorse, mostly comprised of pantry ingredients that can get from the stove to your table in under thirty minutes.

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