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How to Wash Pillows and Make Them White Again

Instead of throwing away your bed pillows when they feel flat and look gross, wash them instead to see if they can look good as new.

You know you are supposed to wash your pillows, right?

If it has been more than 6 months since you washed your pillows, then your pillows are overdue for a washing.

Since most people sweat while sleeping, pillows and pillow cases can turn yellow just like under shirts.

In order to get your bed pillows clean and back to the color white, try the following solutions:


How to Wash Pillows at Home and Make Them White Again Instead of Buying NewCare Instructions
Whether it is synthetic or down, always check the care instructions on your pillow before washing it .

The care instructions should always be followed if available.

Many memory foam pillows and some down pillows cannot be machine washed, however they can be hand washed.  For hand washing pillows that will not fit in your sink, consider washing them by hand in your bathtub.  You can also try vacuuming them or putting them in your dryer on a no-heat tumble setting.

If your pillow’s washing instructions are unavailable, you can try using the directions below for washing pillows in a washing machine and hope for the best.

Make sure to remove the pillow cases and pillow covers before washing.

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