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How To Organise Your Freezer in 4 Easy Steps

Organizing my freezer was a task that I had been avoiding for way too long. After each grocery shop, I would gather up my frozen products, shove them in, and slam the door as quickly as possible.
As you can imagine, every time I opened the door to use something, I spent time cleaning up the avalanche of frozen french fries and kiddies ice cream pops that ensued.
how to organise your freezer in 4 easy steps
Then, one day I decided, enough was enough. As I had recently decided to eat more healthily and was expecting a delivery of some healthy prepared meals, I decided that it was time that I got my kitchen in order and I decided to start with the freezer. The good news is, I was pleasantly surprised with how simple it was to restore order! I began with a freezer that looked like the one above.

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