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How to Make an Affordable Slat Wall

I absolutely love the look of a slat wall! The contrast of the wood against a painted wall really caught my eye. After pricing out a slat wall using pieces of pre-cut wood, I decided to find a different way to create it without spending so much money. That’s when I decided to use plywood instead! Here is how I created a slat wall with just two 4’x8′ pieces of plywood.

how to make an affordable slat wall
STEP 1: Rip Plywood into 1″ StripsI ran the plywood boards through my table saw to create several 1″ slats. I decided to use birch plywood since I wanted to stain it.

STEP 2: Sand the Plywood SlatsI did a quick sanding to remove any rough edges. I lined them up and quickly sanded each side and the front and back. I then sanded each edge of slats by hand.

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