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Pecan Slab Pie

A lot of people really love pecan pie. But I’m not one of them. It’s not that anything is wrong with pecan pie — the flavors are delightful — it’s more that I’ve never been able to get past that thick layer of overly sweet sugary filling that lies beneath the crust and the pecans. But that’s where Pecan Slab Pie comes in. It’s those same lovely flavors but in a whole different ratio so you get sweet and salty pecan filling with plenty of crust to back it up. Maybe I didn’t love pecan pie before but I certainly love it like this!

If you’re not yet acquainted, “slab pie” is still pie, it’s just pie that’s made on a sheet pan which means that you get a higher ratio of crust to filling and you can feed a whole lotta people. All good things.

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