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Best Pina Colada Salad

Anyone planning a trip to Hawaii in the immediate or very near future? Because I’m small and quite flexible, I’m positive I could fit in your suitcase. If that won’t work for you (can’t imagine why it wouldn’t….) a gift of fresh pineapple from the islands will suffice. My parents went to Maui a couple of times when I was younger and brought back the most incredible pineapple. You don’t know a good pineapple til you’ve had one from Hawaii. They grow em better there. Meaning: they grow them there, period.

My husband, like me, loves pineapple. However, he is actually allergic to pineapple and even the smallest bite causes a reaction. It’s kind of a bittersweet thing because on the one hand, I can only include pineapple in our weekly menus when he is out of town. On the other hand, allllllllll the pineapple is mine. I’d share if I had to but, I’d really rather not have to if you know what I mean.

i  made this salad a couple of weeks ago while my husband was on a business trip up in Idaho. I’ve been seeing some gorgeous pineapple lately and craving it constantly, so when he hit the road, I went pineapple-crazy for a whole week. It. was. heaven.

But let’s break down this beauty shall we? First, lay out a bed of chopped romaine hearts which gives the salad a whole lotta crunch, the way I like it. Then we’ve got sweet red bell peppers, fresh pineapple pieces, crispy wonton strips, and the bell of the ball: oven baked coconut chicken tenders. I adore chicken tenders, as well as coconut, so these make my day.

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