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How to Argyle-up a Ho Hum TV Tray!

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I desired to stencil the top of the tray in a rustic argyle pattern. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t if you have the right stencil on hand!Argyle is a 2-part stencil. There’s a sheet of diamonds, and then a sheet of thin lines so you can truly achieve a true argyle effect with paint!The Argyle stencil is from Funky Junk’s Old Sign Stencils HERE
Every other diamond was painted in black, then the remaining were painted in white.
This was the result. It’s cute already!
Once the sheet of thin lines were painted on top in a light grey, the top truly resembled a full-out argyle effect!But there was one more step I desired to take, since I desired the top to look more rustic than new.
Once the paint had dried, the entire top was stained, then wiped back…
…to reveal a wonderful, rustic finish, perfect to chime in with my own personal style!Isn’t it the coolest?!
This little argyle-styled TV tray spends a LOT of time in the TV room, but I also love to bring it into this spare bedroom when guests stop by.The wonderful thing about Argyle is the fact that you can use your own chosen colours and finishes to suit your own home!What would you put Argyle on? And what colours would you use?