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Homemade Cement Bird Bath

Use a Dollar Store bowl to make a brightly colored cement bird bath.

I’m a birder (bird watcher) and and what’s a better way to see more birds than to put out a bird bath. And why buy one, when you can make one for cheap!


A colleague at work was talking about how she watches the owls and hawks splash around in the creek in her backyard and I felt a little envious.

Well, I probably won’t get birds as big as owls or hawks in this bird feeder, but I think the little ones will appreciate it.

Homemade Cement Bird Bath Video Tutorial

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So how to make a homemade cement bird bath?

I kept envisioning a bright orange or yellow tulip for some reason when I started brainstorming on this bird bath and I thought maybe somewhere I could find a big plastic, flat flower that could work as a mould.

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