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Bathroom Blanket Ladder

We are currently renting the house we live in. That presents some designing and decorating challenges. We needed a little more storage in our bathrooms and found a way to add some design and decor as well as a little bit of storage. Come take a peek at how we customized a blanket ladder to fit over the toilet.
bathroom blanket ladder
Alright, first things first…let’s talk about what you’ll need for this project.Tools:• circular saw • drills •hand sander •5/32 drill bitMaterials:•2- 2x3x8 pine boards •1- 2x2x8 pine board (or 2x2x4 if you can find that size)• 4 general purpose screws size • stain (desired color) or paint
I started by cutting the 2×3’s down to 72” (6 feet). I didn’t angle the ends, just cut straight.
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