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10 cooking spray tricks you’ll actually use

Non-stick cooking spray has saved more than a few pans from burnt on meat and overbaked cookies. But, much like baking soda and vinegar, this kitchen wonder has more than a few super powers perfect for tackling other projects around the house.
Make sure to stock up on your cooking oil because you’re going to want to use a few of these handy hacks!
1. Shush a sticky door
When my oldest was a colicky newborn we learned the hard way that the slightest squeak would wake her up. Our college student budget solution: spraying the hinges with cooking spray. Just make sure to wipe down the walls, as it can stain.
2. De-ice the freezer
If the inside of your freezer looks like the North Pole, defrost the ice and remove it. Then, apply a generous amount of oil on the areas that normally get icy. Let it set for about ten minutes before wiping away with a rag. The oil will help prevent ice from building up again.
3. Make snow removal easier
Shave a little time off your snow removal routine by spraying your shovel with cooking spray. The spray will keep snow from sticking to your shovel, so it’s easier to blow through, One Crazy House recommends.
4. Clean your headlights/ remove bugs
Some sources recommend using cooking spray to remove bugs from your headlights. While this is an effective solution, use caution as the oils can be a bit more difficult to remove from the body of the car than the bugs are!
5. Make your hands stick proof
Whether you’re dealing with dough or raw burger, getting sticky ingredients off of your hands and into the bowl can be a bit dicey. Try coating your hands with a bit of cooking spray to keep them clean when you handle sticky foods.

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