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10 best dusting tips for your home

If the dictionary definition of dust (a dry powder made up of “tiny particles of earth or waste matter”) isn’t enough to make you toss aside all disdain for your dust rag, maybe a few helpful tips for the best ways to get rid of the build up will help push you in the right direction.
According to Live Science, the dust in most households is comprised mainly of dirt, animal dander, insect waste and sand (plus a few human skills cells to finish it off.) If you’re itching to give that dust a not-so-fond-farewell, keep these tips in mind.
. Dust your blinds in a pinch
If you have a pair of tongs grab them (you’ll want to go buy some stat!) Use a rubber band to secure a rag around each tong arm. Then just pinch around the blind and wipe away dust!

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