Soft, puffy, melt-in-your-mouth Amish Sugar Cookies! These could not be easier and are made with common pantry ingredients! These Amish Sugar Cookies are a lot like cut-out cookies, but much less work! Top them with your favorite icing or glaze for an extra special cookie!
These Amish Sugar Cookies called out to me in an issue of Taste of Home recently. They looked so uncomplicated and simple, in an elegant way, not a basic way. They’re just so… pretty. Aren’t they? And these Amish Sugar Cookies aren’t even iced, so I figured they must be a really good cookie if they can stand on their own without a glaze or icing.
That said, I have made these and frosted them. It’s not necessary, but it’s pretty damn amazing. We’ll get to those in a few days.
These Amish Sugar Cookies are everything I was hoping for when I wanted to try a new sugar cookie this year. I made these Classic Sugar Cookies last year, and I adore those cookies. They’re sooooooo rich. They’re ultra-chewy, with crispy edges, and really, really rich…. luxurious even.
Like these Amish Sugar Cookies, those Classic Sugar Cookies melt in your mouth, but the texture is different altogether – chewier and crispier. I made these Orange-Glazed Sugar Cookies from that recipe, and who doesn’t love a cookie with orange icing? They’re great too.
These Amish Sugar Cookies are soft and puffy, but still dense and substantial. They’re really buttery, rich, and flaky. They remind me a lot of a cut-out cookie, but without any rolling! You get all the benefits of cut-outs, but at a fraction of the work. Cut-outs are one of my favorite cookies, but I hate to make them because they’re so much work. These Amish Sugar Cookies are the lazy persons’ cut-outs. 🙂
I tried this recipe a few weeks ago, and it was foolproof on attempt #1. I had no issues, and I loved everything about them. These Amish Sugar Cookies are a perfect, simple sugar cookie, and they need nothing else! These are great as-is. They’re also incredibly easy! I’ve made these cookies 3x in the last few weeks, and I’m planning to make more for Christmas. Try them once, you’ll fall in love too!

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