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5-Minute Candied Walnuts

Here’s the thing – Candied Walnuts make everything better.

Well, maybe not everything – you probably don’t want to top a bowl of Clam Chowder with them, but a Butternut Squash Soup? Sure, that would work. They add extra pizzaz to everything from salads to afternoon snacks with their candied crunch and you know what? You can make them in just five short minutes.

How much better is a salad when it’s topped with Candied Walnuts? It’s leagues above a basic salad, but I often think of it as something that’s reserved for restaurants and not something to make in my own kitchen. But that’s just silly. They’re easy to keep on hand, you can use them for so many things, and they take just a few minutes to make on the stovetop. So why not make them at home? Go ahead and elevate your salad game!

You’re not going to believe how easy this is. You take some walnuts – about two cups will do – and place them in a non-stick skillet with some brown and white sugar, water, and butter.

And then you bring it to a boil.

You let it cook, stirring here and there, until the liquid evaporates and the nuts start to clump together. (That should take you about five minutes.)

Then you dump it all out onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and let it sit until the nuts have hardened.

Break it apart and you’re ready for snacking or topping, or my favorite, holiday gifting! Add a little cinnamon and vanilla to the rest of the ingredients and these take on more of a holiday-spice flavor. Pack them in little jars with a festive ribbon and they make a great holiday gift.

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