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3-Ingredient Chili Cheese Dip

Am I alone in that I am pretty much always craving a cheesy delicious dip? It’s not that I have them all that often, but if given the opportunity I can’t see myself turning one down. This Chili Cheese Dip is a dip you could have very often if you chose to because it’s made up of just three ingredients and is super simple to throw (or layer) together. That trio and about five minutes of prep are all that stand between you and salty, scoopable chili cheese glory. Party, game day, or movie night, it’s always a good choice and luckily it’s quick to make up another batch when the first dish has been scooped clean. (It goes fast. Always.)

I wasn’t lying when I said you just need three ingredients. They are: cheddar cheese, cream cheese, and a can of chili. That’s it!

You let the cream cheese soften and spread it in your baking dish…

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