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Upcycled Armoire Cabinet – DIY Farmhouse Cabinet Freebie!

The Hubs and I have been upcycling furniture for over 6 years now. Everyone in our small rural community knows that we love to save junk. It is a good thing, because I have tons of eyes that scout for me. It’s not unusual for me to get a call or text to tell me there is a piece of furniture on the curb or even on the side of the road! The Hubs surprised me one day with this cabinet. And best of all, it was FREE!

upcycled armoire cabinet diy farmhouse cabinet freebie, Before

A coworker no longer needed it and asked if we could do something with it. Ummmm YES! One of the doors had a major ding and could not be repaired, so we just removed the doors.

Doors Removed

As it sat in my shop, I pondered over it for days, trying to envision what direction to take. I knew it had to be painted. The orange wood was so outdated and so ORANGE.

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