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Turtle Bark combines chocolate, caramel and pecans for an easy Christmas treat!

Add this 4 ingredient Christmas bark to your cookie plates!

For the past few years Ryan and I have assembled around 30-40 Christmas tins with cookies and no bake treats to give to coworkers, friends and neighbors.

I typically pick 1-2 Christmas cookies to include, but then the rest of the items are no bake because they are quicker to make, especially when assembling such large quantities.

Turtles are a candy confection that’s made with chocolate, caramel and nuts.

They have been around since the 1900s and first got their name because the candy looked like turtles, with 4 pecans sticking out from the chocolate and caramel.

Turtle bark combines all those classic flavors of turtle candy, but it’s easier to make than individual little candies. It’s perfect to add to cookie plates because it requires minimal ingredients and hands on time.

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