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Everybody Wants A Slice Of This Apple Crisp!

As a little girl, I loved coming home from school to the scent of my mom’s apple crisp baking in the oven. I swear you could smell the aroma of this delightful dessert before even opening the door of the house. We had a huge apple tree in our backyard and my mom would make a ton of apple desserts and apple sauce with the fruit. I do believe that her homemade apple crisp was my favorite treat, though. Good thing mom made it quite often during the fall months ? I have developed plenty of my own recipes for apple crisp using a variety of apples and ingredients.
I’ve even made an apple crisp layer dessert. it was a really good. However, this recipe that we are looking at today is very basic. It’s just good old-fashioned apple crisp that doesn’t take long to throw together.
If you have kids who enjoy helping in the kitchen this recipe is the perfect starting point for young chefs in training. It isn’t too complex and it’s very hard to screw up. Enjoy!
Recipe courtesy of Group Recipes and Martha Stewart.

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