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The Pioneer Woman’s Lemon Cream Scones

It’s abundantly clear that Ree Drummond (better known as The Pioneer Woman) knows what she’s doing in the kitchen, but she’s truly outdone herself with her perfect cream scones. They’re buttery and the best kind of melt-in-your-mouth crumbly and I speak from experience when I say that it’s incredibly difficult to stop at just one. She takes her basic recipe and sometimes flavors it with rosemary or berries or vanilla, but here we’ve left them simple with bright, sunny lemon. I could go on and on about their wonderful texture and flavor, but all I really need to say is – I don’t think I’ll ever need another scone recipe.

With her method you sift together the dry ingredients, and stir together the wet ingredients (the cream, lemon zest, vanilla, and egg) and let the cream mixture sit to steep for a few minutes. This seems to help that lemon flavor really permeate every bite, so go ahead and follow instructions here. You can let it sit while you cut the butter in, so you’re not standing around waiting or anything.

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