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Grandma’s Old-Fashioned Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce!

Old fashioned bread pudding with vanilla,bourbon or caramel sauce is an easy and simple homestead recipe to use up eggs, milk and stale bread. Comfort food at its best – breakfast, dessert, or snack!

What do I do with my bread that is no longer fresh?
We are all aware of the fact that after a couple of days, your fresh baked bread is no longer fresh baked. In fact, it’s a little dry and crumbly or chewy. Sometimes even stale. And let’s face it folks, stale bread is kind of a big deal.
So, if you look around the world, you will discover that almost everyone has found some very clever ways to use up bread that has gone stale.
Panzanella, panko, stratas, pain perdu, torrijas, croutons, bread crumbs, brown Bettys or French toast.
But, in my opinion, the queen of them all is the bread pudding. Well, sometimes.

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