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The Best Mexican Dip

Reviews for: Fantastic Mexican Dip

– I hope I don’t get scowled at for saying this but let’s put it this way: I didn’t achieve nirvana or anything by eating this. We had a mexican-themed dinner and served this as a side. I sprinkled some taco-blend cheese overall. I really liked the taste of the cream cheese/sour cream mix but I wasn’t too keen on the meat part. It was still good but IF I make it with meat, I’ll use only a 1/2 lb, otherwise I use none at all. Good stuff, but I wasn’t “wowed.” Thanks just the same Bumblebee!

– We have made this dip for years, and it’s always a favorite!The only difference is that we use green taco sauce, but everything else is the same. Great party food! 🙂

– Fantastic, indeed! I received a similar recipe thirty years ago from a good friend. We’ve been making it ever since. The only difference between the two recipes is that mine calls for one can of beanless chili added into the sour cream, cream cheese, taco seasoning mixture. I believe the can of chili gives this dip an earthier taste and a hardier texture.Thanks for sharing Bumblebee.

– This is a very good recipe-well received at picnics/functions. I did double the olives and tomatoes and added a can of pinto beans to the neat mixture. A border of chopped lettuce makes a very nice presentation.

– Delicious! Top with whatever vegetables you like on a taco. I used lettuce, cheese, black olives and green olives. I made the sour cream/cream cheese/taco seasoning mixture the night before so the flavors had a chance to meld together. I also made sure to let the hamburger cool down a bit before spreading into pan. I will definately make this again!

– My aunt makes this for family gatherings and it is fantastic! One thing she does differently is place everything (except lettuce) on a microwave-safe platter, then microwave on high for about 20 to 30 seconds just until the cheese is melted. Yum!

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