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Fideo with potatoes and ground beef

I could not think of anything more comforting than a big bowl of sopa de fideo con carne(beef and pasta soup). Fideo pasta is very similar to vermicelli, that is most traditionally toasted and then cooked in a tomato broth. It is one of those simple staple recipes that most of us growing up in a Mexican home recognize.

Comfort food? Yes! Without it being too indulgent, it still brings back memories of being a kid. It was easy for my Mom to prepare a big pot of fideo because she knew we all loved it and it could feed a large family. Most times the sopa de fideo was not prepared with meat. We would enjoy the picadillo on the side or on top of the fideo. But this recipe combines the two together! How do you like to garnish your bowl of sopa de fideo. Most times, I like just a squeeze of fresh lime juice and couple dashes of hot sauce. Warm corn tortillas on the side! Fideo always reminds me of my dad. He used to prepare it at home sometimes and it was very special to sit down and enjoy a bowl of fideo with Dad. When he was older, and then sick, one of the only foods he found comfort in was a bowl of fideo. #sopadefideo

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