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Summertime or Anytime Fruit Salad

This yummy and refreshing salad goes well with a breakfast or brunch. It is also a big hit at pot lucks! Most of the preparation is done the day before serving.
-We enjoyed this a lot, I did notice that it had thickened a little too much when I went to combine with the fruit, easily fixed by adding a little pineapple juice. Next time I believe I will use Splenda in place of sugar and add just a bit more as we liked it a little sweeter.I also added flaked coconut !!
-I almost forgot. One last thing: looking at the combination of ingredients and the preparation method, I don’t think this dressing would keep for more than a couple hours – tops. This dressing reminds me of a sabayon sauce (with the addition of cream cheese and fruit juices)which is traditionally served over fruit for dessert. If anyone makes it ahead of time I’d love to know how well it keeps for you. Definitely curious.

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