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Light and refreshing, this easy Strawberry Sorbet is going to be your new favorite summer treat! Just 4 ingredients in this simple, delicious dessert! Looking to cool off? Try these yummy treats: Ice Cream Cake, Peanut Butter Icebox Cake and these Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Whether you’re growing your own strawberries or taking advantage of the excellent summer strawberry prices, strawberry treats are a must make during the summer.

Here in California, you can’t drive anywhere without encountering a strawberry stand or a you-pick strawberry patch. Even though my boys have entered the tween-teen stage of life, they still get excited about picking juicy red strawberries.

I might add, that we have dozens and dozens of strawberry plants in our own backyard but for some reason they seem less inclined to pick those… go figure.

We make all kinds of treats with our fresh strawberries but this strawberry sorbet is something special. Perfectly refreshing for those endless 100+ degree days that seem to hit sometime in mid-July and extend on through “fall”.

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