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Mama Miranda’s Amazing Skillet Chicken With Garlic Mushroom Sauce

Don’t you love going to a friend’s house and eating for free? Kidding! Of course other than the food, I love to catch up with what’s happening to my friends. In high school and in college, we’re together most of the time, but after graduation and we’re lnow living professional lives other than our personal lives, we rarely saw each other anymore. A couple of nights ago, I was at Miranda’s. A project brought me to New York and she volunteered to host me overnight. I didn’t need to stay at a hotel since it’s only supposed to be a meeting, and Miranda was gracious enough to let me stay in her apartment, which was one damn fine apartment, by the way.

Despite living quite a luxurious life (she’s an architect), Miranda remained grounded to her roots. That night, she served me chicken with gralic mushroom sauce, a recipe from her Mom. She told me that every time she missed home and felt homesick, she always cooked this dish, which was a childhood favorite. I remember eating this in their house back when we were in high school. Her version of the dish was so creamy, creamier than her mom’s. Just don’t tell her that I think her mom’s still tasted better. But then again, it’s “mom”. Moms are truly gifted!

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