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Layered Apple Pork Chop Bake

Everyone needs yummy, easy dinner recipes in their arsenal, because otherwise dinner becomes a huge chore that you either don’t look forward to or don’t enjoy. Being frazzled by not knowing what to make is no fun, and eating something bland or boring because you couldn’t think of a better option isn’t either. That’s why we like to have a bunch of tried-and-true recipes to come back to anytime we’re in a dinner-making rut and feel like we’re headed for disaster…which is where this pork dish comes into play.
While it hits the spot just about any time of year, there’s something about heading into fall and cooking with all the fresh apples that really gets us into the spirit of things – one of the many reasons why we love this dinner so much! This apple pork chop bake is just that, a layered dish that makes the most out of sweet apples and hearty pork chops, that’s topped with a spiced brown sugar glaze to really launch things into the delicious, autumnal realm. You can make the glaze as sweet as you like, though we find 1/4 to 1/3 cup of brown sugar to be the sweet spot (pun intended), and feel free to mix up your apple selection for maximum flavor; we usually use a mix of Granny Smith apples and honeycrisp or fujis to get the sweet-tart combo just right.
Once you’ve got your layering taken care of and you’ve mixed up your glaze – which takes under five minutes to whisk up – pour that over your pork and apples and pop everything in the oven. The flavor here is surprising (in a good way!) and yummy, and you’ve got a meal won’t disappoint. And don’t forget about the fact that it amps you up for fall; win-win-win!

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