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Amazing Golden Rum Cake

Really good! Due to this recipe I am now the official rum cake person at work and expected to bring some to potlucks and whatnot. All good with me as I really like it and it is an easy recipe. I make it in one of those floppy bundt pans sprayed with Bakers Joy (not sure if that is the name), the cooking spray that has flour in it so the cake comes out easily. Yum! Thanks!

Excellent! We served this for guests when we play cards on Friday nights. Excellent! I will be making this every Christmas from now on also.

his is my mother-in-law’s recipe, one she prepares every Christmas, and while it contains some ingredients some might find patently objectionable and morally repugnant, I have absolutely no problem embarrassing myself by eating piece after piece each and every year. It’s but one in a sea of rum cake recipes, but because it’s so easy and so delicious, I feel compelled to share.

Christmas is coming! Have you heard?

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