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Ice Box Lemon Drop Cake

Reviews :
-This looks delicious but I prefer to bake from scratch. Have you, or would you publish your grandmother’s original recipe? Thank you. Also a lemon lover. I apologize if this is a repeat request. I did not look through the large amount of posts.

-This lemon cake sounds really delicious. I love a good, moist lemon cake. The buttermilk works wonders in cake mixes. I will be trying this recipe. Congratulations on the blue ribbon.

-I have not tried this cake yet, but I am planning to. For those of you who have problems with fruits,nuts, berries sinking to the bottom of the cake, just toss them with a little bit of dry ingredients. Not a lot…maybe just a Tbl then you can fold them into the batter when you are ready. This will “suspend” them throughout the cake and not on the bottom. My Mama taught me this. Make sure you pat the berries dry before you toss them with the dry ingredients. If you are using a cake mix use a little bit of the mix before adding your wet ingredients.

-I made this tonight and it was so gooooood! Very moist and full of flavor. My family really enjoyed this. I halved the glaze recipe and still had a lot left over. I made one glazed with the vegetable oil and one without and ended up using the glaze without the oil. We liked it better.
I will make this often!

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