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Crock Pot Coca Cola Roast

This Crock Pot Coca-Cola Roast recipe creates the most tender, caramelized, flavorful meat and gravy that I’ve ever tasted. This is the most popular slow cooker recipe on my blog and for good reason! You can use Pepsi or any other soda for this crock pot roast.

The crock pot is great for creating savory meat dishes with rich flavor and delicious sauces and gravies. Almost any traditional recipe can be adapted to this versatile appliance. What I love the most about crock pot recipes is that they require minimal preparation time and have a “set it and forget it” cooking style! You just throw everything in the slow cooker and forget about it! This Crock Pot Coca-Cola Roast has been a hit every time I made it.
Being somewhat of a “meat snob”, I love the crock pot because the meat becomes so tender. The true test of whether I will be able to enjoy the meat I’m eating is if I am able to cut it with the side of my fork. The delicious meat in this Crock Pot Coca-Cola Roast definitely passed the Ashley test!

This crock pot cola-cola roast can’t go wrong, although it may sound odd, because the coca-cola tenderizes the beef so nicely! Don’t use diet Coke or Pepsi as it’s the sugars in the coke that really tenderize the meat.

This crock pot meal is very easy to prepare (under 10 minutes of actual hands-on time). It can be made with any beef roast or beef stew meat. I prefer to use a chuck roast, but both options are great. I served this with my recipe for garlic smashed red potatoes and used the gravy from the pot to top the potatoes, but you can also use red potatoes and throw them in the crock pot with the roast to make things even easier for yourself. If you’re loving this, you must try my Slow Cooker Mississippi Pot Roast! You might also love this Slow Cooker Italian Red Wine Roast from my friend Mary.


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