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Light Up Logs

If you have a dark walkway to your front door (or even a dark porch), these will be perfect for you! These light up logs are outdoor ready and can illuminate any path to help keep you from stumbling! They can add a nice rustic touch indoors as well… All you have to do is hollow out a log with a Speedbor bit and chisel and then place the slit log on top of some LED lights!
light up logs
SUPPLIES: -Logs (cut to about 15″ or so… I used 3) Getting this in the city was certainly a hunt and I spent more than I would wish on others, but almost anywhere else you can get them for next to nothing! -Circle Saw / Chain Saw -Mallet -Sander -Drill (a strong one) -PolyUrethane or an alternate form of outdoor sealer for the wood -Chisel -Outdoor Battery Powered Lights (Make sure they are nice and bright!) -Speedbor Spade Bit (1″)
light up logs
STEP 1: Mark where you’re going to drill Draw a circle around the top of your log about an inch in as a guide.

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