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Crock Pot Candy

I absolutely love this recipe! As a person who works full time and is always making something for bake sales for my daughter’s school, it is extremely easy to make and tasty. I have a rather small crockpot and this is a generous recipe, but it will still work if you stir it about midway through cooking.

I made these before Christmas, using a cookie scoop. When I realized the candies were way too big, I put them all back into the crockpot until they were melted, then used a small spoon to drop the candy onto waxed paper. Very tasty, and this recipe makes a huge batch.

Very good easy recipe, took it to work everyone wanted the recipe. I’ve also left out the nuts and added toasted coconut just before removing from the crockpot and made it with rice crisp cereal. Thanks for posting this delicious recipe.

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