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Amish Sour Cream Cornbread

While we’ve been known to turn to a box mix every now and again, this Amish sour cream cornbread makes a pretty strong case for making cornbread from scratch every time. It’s a simple, straightforward recipe that’s a workhorse in your recipe arsenal, delivering amazing results every time without being overly fussy or complicated.
You can use fine or medium-ground cornmeal, although we like the texture the medium ground gives us, then the sour cream, obviously a crucial part of the recipe if it earned its way into the name of the dish, serves to keep things perfectly moist and never dry.
We love this particular cornbread recipe for its versatility. Whether it’s just as a side dish for dinner or as an accompaniment to a heart breakfast or lunch, this is a dish that’s as good the second and third day as it is fresh out of the oven; it reheats like a dream and we love grabbing a slice, buttering it real quick, then running out the door.
This is a classic recipe and one that, once you try it, will serve you and your family for many years to come. It’s been our go-to for quite some time now and it will soon be one of yours as well!

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