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Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

An ice cream cake can be a little bit daunting to make yourself, but you know what’s not daunting in the slightest? This Ice Cream Sandwich Cake. See, in a genius shortcut move it uses ice cream sandwiches as its base, so you still end up with a cake that’s celebratory but it also happens to be one that only took you about ten minutes to assemble. I don’t know about you, but ten minutes of work to get to a creamy, dreamy, chocolatey, ice cream layered confection sounds pretty good to me. Here’s how you go about it:

This will serve around nine if you’re being very generous with your portions but more like twelve if you’re doling out more reasonable sizes at something like a birthday party. You do need twenty-four ice cream sandwiches, which, yes, is a lot but this is a mighty fine place to turn to the store brand option. You don’t need anything fancy here — it’s all about the layering of ice cream and soft chocolate cake and whipped cream and fudge and caramel sauce…. Need I say more?

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