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The Original “Easiest Pineapple Cake”

A delicious one bowl pineapple cake topped with a cream cheese frosting while it’s still hot.  This Easiest Pineapple Cake is a one bowl wonder!  Not only is it made easy by only needing one bowl to make it, there isn’t any butter or oil in the cake batter and yet it is extremely moist!
The cream cheese frosting is put on the cake while it is still hot, the frosting seeps into the top of the cake, it’s incredible.  This is a dense , moist, pecan, pineapple filled cake topped with a creamy cream cheese frosting your family will thoroughly enjoy!
I didn’t have crushed pineapple but I did have pineapple slices.  I took the slices out of the can and into my food processor and pulsed them until they were “crushed”.  I put the crushed pineapple and it’s juice into the bowl and added the other cake ingredients to it.
  After all the cake ingredients were in the bowl, I mixed with an electric mixer just till the ingredients were combined.  That only took about 3 minutes tops.  I folded the chopped pecans ( mine were more crushed ) into the batter.  In to the oven it went. About ten minutes before the cake was to be done I made the frosting.  I topped the cake with the frosting right after I took it from the oven.  The result?  Pineapple cream cheese heaven!  This is a definite keeper Kids!  Enjoy!

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