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Headboard Made From Recycled Wood Ladder

I had an old wooden ladder that my dad had given me many, many years ago. The ladder had gotten old and wobbly, but I couldn’t throw it away, because it held many childhood memories of my dad doing projects around the house. When my daughter asked me to make her a headboard to match her new nautical themed bedroom, I knew this was my chance to use the ladder!
headboard made from recycled wood ladder
Here is my father’s ladder that was covered with the many different shades of green that he painted our house with over the years. I knew that there was something I could make with it and I was so excited to make the headboard for my daughter. I took the ladder apart, which was not easy, even though it was old, it had been put together well. I saved all of the wood and even the hardware.
I created the frame using 2X4s.

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