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One-Pot Italian Wedding Soup

No bouquet needed! This beautiful bowl is not actually served at weddings, but rather it’s a fun play on the “marriage” of flavors and textures from the veggies and meat.

But I still recommend saying “I do” to a bowl! This soup has it all: mouthwatering meatballs, nutrient-packed produce, slurp-worthy broth and comforting pasta. Big bonus: It’s all made in one pot — no searing skillet necessary. Also, you can use any small-size pasta you have on hand; truth be told, I sometimes use whole-grain elbows — I know, I know, it’s far from traditional, but it looks and tastes scrumptious.

This soup will be delicious in good times and in bad, for a crowd or just for one. I will love this soup until dinner do we part — and you will, too.

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