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Fried potatoes, smoked sausage with veggies

Great for smoked sausage. I did tweak a few things. Tossed in a punch of paprika, a bit of basil, some marjoram, and a small amount of brown sugar. The family wants it again so it is a winner for sure!
We love this meal simple and flavorful. I actually partially cook the potatoes the day before. Sometimes add diced sweet red pepper to it. Cut garlic to one clove. With a salad it’s a great meal. Never have leftovers.
Great quick week night dinner! Definitely add a fried egg on top when ready to serve! All that yummy yolk makes it soooo good!
Made this dish 10/4/16 for my family of 4. Could have reduced, since the kids are little, but I love leftovers. I had to guess on the amount of time to fry the potatoes and cover and heat the sausage, so I suggest giving a suggested time. Otherwise, great recipe!

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