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Outstanding — our guests loved these potatoes as a vegetable served with a Prime Rib Roast (zaar 82023). I bought large potatoes and it was obvious they would not fit into the pot. Instead, I put cut the them into largish chunks, put the oil mixture into a bag, then put the potatoes into the bag and shook to cover them in the mixture (it took several goes to prepare all the potatoes). I put them on an oiled cooking sheet and cooked them in the oven with the roast. (If you prepare the potatoes this way, remember to turn on the oven fan.) The guests at our dinner party raved over them.
I couldnt believe how wonderful these were. I am not one too cook in the microwave and they sounded too simple to be so good but they were excellent! The potatoes had a really great flavour and they hardly had any fat in them. I would serve them as a side dish for company any day. If anyone wonders I weighed the poatoes and it took 6 medium size.

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