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Hawaiian Pork Chop Sheet Pan

We can’t get enough of meals that come together in a snap, that taste great and are full of fresh, healthy ingredients. It’s so easy to slip into old routines and go back to making the same thing over and over again, which is why it’s essential to have recipes like this Hawaiian pork chop sheet pan on-hand to make a weeknight dinner more exciting. Filled up with red and orange bell peppers and red onions, balanced out by the sweetness of the pineapple, these fruit and veggies are the perfect accompaniment to the Hawaiian barbecue pork chops.

Speaking of which, the barbecue sauce reallys amps up the pork and the pineapple, and we made it by taking our favorite BBQ sauce, and then just zhushed it up by adding lime zest and juice, garlic and onion powders, plus some reserved pineapple juice. The lime and pineapple additions get the whole thing tasting extra tropical, then the veggies roast while the pork cooks and you get a full meal in just 20 minutes!

We served this up with some brown rice and absolutely loved how it all turned out. The bell peppers and red onion are deliciously roasted – plus, we liked leaving the BBQ sauce off of them, so their natural flavor could shine – then the Hawaiian barbecue pineapple and pork taste incredible together and are the real stars of the show. For any night when you want something incredible, but without having to spend hours in the kitchen, this is just the dish for you!

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