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I made this for Recipe Group: Just finished sharing this with Mom. She kept saying how good it is (= I recently had a pastrami Reuben out, so when I couldn’t find the corned beef I used pastrami. I used 2 cans of crescent rolls in a larger pan. I also subbed 2 cups of shredded jack cheese because I don’t care for Swiss. I used a 16 oz jar of sauerkraut with 2/3 c Thousand Island. My bottom crust sank down the sides of my pan. I pressed my saurkraut, rather than squeezing it, and my bottom crust, where the top and bottom crusts met, was soggy )= Next time I will brush the bottom crust with egg white before pre-baking it.

We both enjoyed this, and are looking forward to leftovers (= [I did find the corned beef right after she sliced the pastrami for me – so next time I will make it with corned beef (=] edit: When I got back home, I took my leftover portions and flipped them over in the pan, making sure the soggy portions were exposed and threw it back in the oven for another ~20 minutes to dry it out. Just had some leftovers for dinner at work – yum!

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