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Dresser makeover (how to fix chipped veneer + deal with wood stain bleeding through paint)

One dresser from my set of $40 yard sale furniture is done!  And the before/after still amaze me!  I learned a lot in painting and refinishing this piece so let’s delve right in and talk about how I got to the AFTER – it wasn’t without some frustrations, tears and some trial and error.

So here’s the before…

Before - dresser makeover

This dresser had the most damage to the veneer, especially on this one drawer.  But I knew when I had bought it that I had seen tutorials on how to fix it.

chipped and broken veneer

I talked to and relied a lot on my friend Angie’s tutorial on how to fix chipped veneer.  She has painted and refinished many more pieces of furniture than me and her tutorial gave me some great tips.  Because in the beginning, I wanted to see if I could salvage this piece and repair the damage, strip the old stain and restain it – I used a stainable wood filler by Elmer’s.  If you know you are going to paint your piece – you can use any kind of wood filler or Bondo like Angie used.

Dresser makeover

You just apply the wood filler to the places that need repair  – I used a little rubber spatula made for caulk or wood filler.  Let dry and then sand.

Dresser makeover

For this spot that was broken off several layers deep, I had to repeat that process several times.  I was also having to build back up the corner of the drawer.  So apply, let dry, then sand – until you get the whole spot completely built back up and smooth.

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