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Mississippi Mud Sheet Cake

Like me, you might be more familiar with Mississippi Mud Pie than you are Mississippi Mud Cake, but rest assured that our sheet cake version has a similar mash-up of chocolatey layers and textures that’s every bit as delicious. While there’s no crunchy cookie crust, there is plenty of fudgy, rich chocolate and also a dreamy marshmallow and chocolate swirled frosting to top it all off. It’s a rich indulgence, but it’s one that’s very easy to make.

This starts with a simple chocolate cake batter – it’s made with cocoa powder, and I personally always love it when a great chocolate cake comes together without you needing to melt down any solid chocolate. There’s also nutty pecans and shredded coconut, which add crunch and chew to the chocolate crumb.

The best part though is the gooey, drippy chocolate and marshmallow topping, which starts with a jar of marshmallow creme being spread over a hot cake…

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