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Little Hen AKA Chicken Little Casserole

You can’t really ever have too many comforting dinner recipes on hand, so pay attention and get ready to add this hearty one to your recipe arsenal. Little Hen casserole, also known as Chicken Little casserole, is a heavy hitter of a meal that’s got the “meat and potatoes” elements of your meal totally covered, which means less work for you regarding meal prep – yay! Those elements here are chicken and mashed potatoes, which all gets topped off with a spruced up gravy that tastes amazing and makes the whole dish perfectly creamy.
This is a basically a four step recipe, so anyone can do it and it’s 100% foolproof, especially if you start with all your ingredients already prepped and ready to go. Potatoes should be mashed and seasoned, chicken breasts should be cooked and shredded, cheese should be grated. This makes the assembly of this recipe go so quickly you’ll be sitting on the couch in no time, wondering if you actually made dinner at all. (Reminder: you did!)

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