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Twix Bars

– I enjoy baking and trying new goodies for special occasions and holidays. I came across this recipe just in time to try them out for my nephew’s graduation party. The were a huge hit! I combined a couple recipes and changed a few steps to simplify (in my opinion) and was very pleased with the outcome. The shortbread cookies are wonderful on their own and to use in other applications! Enjoy!
– Made these cookies today! Turned out beautifully!! The caramel recipe that I used was from here on Just a pinch instead of using the store bought. Talk about one divine cookie candy bar! This recipe is a keeper. Not exactly easy to make but oh are they divine. I did two things differently. I cute the cookie dough into the rectangle first. Then I used chocolate almond bark. Didn’t freeze the cookies or refrigerate them since it makes chocolate dipping so hard to do. Set the cookie with the caramel on top of a fork. Dipped the cookie/caramel into the chocolate. Turned out perfectly. Look like a twix only more plump and MUCH better taste.

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