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Apple Pie Slab Bars

Apple slab pie is party pie! It’s an apple pie baked on a large baking sheet and served in squares. What could possibly be better?!

This apple slab pie recipe! What can I say? It’s what fall baking and Thanksgiving dreams are made of!

Forget pumpkin pie! Ok, well, this bourbon pumpkin tart is still cool in my book, but you get what I mean.

If you’re feeding a crowd for Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, or Hanukkah, a housewarming party or a Christmas party – you get my point – this slab pie will easily feed it.

A slab pie is a pie baked in a rectangular baking pan that is cut into squares instead of traditional pie-shaped slices.

Just as with round pie, there can be lots of variations of slab pie. This apple slab pie is just the start of the goodness!

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