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Super Easy Slow Cooker Lemon Pepper Chicken Breasts

Sitting at my table and sipping on some coffee the other morning, I came across the verses in the bible that talked about the Children of Isreal eating the manna that fell from the sky for 40 years. Can you imagine that happening today? God literally rained down manna for his people to eat as they wandered the wilderness. It wasn’t until they reached the Promised Land that the manna stopped falling from the sky and then we can only speculate the amazing feast that they got. I bet the manna tasted amazing. I mean, after all, it was made in God’s own bakery. How cool is that?
Anyway, when I cook I like to put lots of love and effort into my dishes just like God did when he fed the Children of Isreal for 40 years with heavenly bread. I came across this lemon pepper chicken recipe the other day and although it isn’t manna it’s a very good meal. As I prepared it for my family I made sure to take extra special care in seasoning the chicken and making the side dishes as I reflected on the Children of Isreal and their manna. Which Bible verses do you ponder while cooking for your family or yourself?

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